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Born Asher Guttman, rapper Arch Guru hopes to achieve the mission of establishing lyricism as a focal point in hip hop again by combining witty punch-lines with incredibly raw and vulnerable story telling. Through this emotionally compelling music, he creates a window into his life through which the audience can relate to his struggles and experience catharsis. 

Asher began writing raps in 2014 during his transition into high school after participating in an impromptu freestyle session and receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback about his abilities. Needing an outlet to help deal with instability at home, he quickly started taking this craft more seriously and began applying himself to become the rapper he is today.

In addition to his intense delivery, Asher's effortless ability to translate his emotions into his music helps set him apart from a lot of his peers. After years of single releases and underground drops, Asher released his first full length project "Jam Pack Vol 1" in 2022. Songs like "Off Brand" from the project stylistically display the importance of lyricism in relation to personal experiences and how this combination influences Asher as an MC. "Off Brand" serves as perfect representation of taking pride in the little that you do have while at the same time, finding humor in the places where you are lacking.

 After his first full length project, Asher is hitting  the road all over the US this fall and upcoming Spring. The follow up to Jam Pack Vol 1, titled "Jam Pack Vol 2" was released in the summer of 2023 with over 33 songs. Asher states that a goal he also wants to accomplish soon is "to continue to show my growth as a person through my music"


"Pride is not the opposite of shame, but it's source. True humility is the only antidote to shame."”

Arch Guru


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